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Public Bathrooms….protect yourself…..

  Public Bathrooms….protect yourself…..  9th May 2022  | By Anna Armstrong I’ve written about how sharing spaces with others means increased risk of cross contamination.   So it’s no great surprise that sharing amenities such as toilet seats, toilet rolls, sinks, and taps with strangers have been linked to health risks.  Here I break down the credible claims, and dispel the myths.  Within this article, I talk around what kind of infections and viruses can be caught from pubic washrooms and importantly provide ways in which you can protect yourself. Due to the volume of people passing through public washrooms, it is a sensible conclusion to come to that these areas are as veritable hot bed for bacteria and other nasties to lurk. Clinical trials,including ones Astral Hygiene has been part of have demonstrated that there are any number of bacteria and viruses that could be lying in wait in public toilets – including streptococcus, E.coli, salmonella, typhoid fever and Hepatitis A.  We hav

How to choose the right floor pad?

  How to choose the right floor pad?  5th May 2022  | By Anna Armstrong   |  Cleaning Tips ,  Environmental Health ,  Hygiene ,  Sustainability ,  Coronovirus                                                                                                                                                                                                            When cleaning a hard floor, there are lots of options in terms of how you can go about cleaning them.  Whether you want to strip, clean, buff or polish a floor a floor pad is the way to go about it - especially on wooden floors.  High traffic areas require more attention and need a more hard working floor solution, but finding the right solution can be really challenging for many of our customers.  However, we are here to give advice and support and have a great deal of knowledge and expertise here at Astral Hygiene so if you do have any questions please just give us a ring! Every floor has it's own set of factors and needs sp