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Legionella... the facts!

  Legionella... the facts!  19th May 2021  | By Anna Armstrong   |  Cleaning Tips ,  Hygiene 1. Legionnaires' disease can be fatal...... Have your water systems been out of use during the lockdown? Beware! Legionella could be lurking in your showerheads, dishwashers, pools or water features. Use cleaning product that passes EN 1276 or EN 13623 to fight these nasty bacteria.  Clean fast  is a great product for all round use in bathrooms, is also BS EN 1276 and will not only remove the Legionella bacteria but will also remove the scale and any organic matter. If you are just soaking the shower heads etc in a bucket of water, you can also use any BS EN product that you have.  This one, or one similar to this should be in any commercial kitchen so it’s a great product to have.   Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser  is both BS EN 1276 so suitable for sanitising areas infected with Legionella and also sanitising surfaces that are used for food preparation. Legionellosis is a collective term for di

Info for Chicken Farms - Omnicide Disinfectant - What is it?

  Info for Chicken Farms - Omnicide Disinfectant - What is it?  13th May 2021  | By Yewan Armstrong Omnicide  is a powerful, fast acting, broad spectrum disinfectant designed to provide excellent bio-security protection even in dirty conditions with lasting residual protection. What Does It Contain? Omnicide  contains a blend of two powerful active ingredients: glutaraldehyde and COCO QAC. COCO QAC is cocoalkyldimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride. This molecule contains a range of short, medium and long alkyl chains. Long chain activity is needed to control gram-negative bacteria. Why Use It? • It destroys many virus and gram negative bacteria which are tolerant to other disinfectants and cause disease throughout the world • The number one choice for bio-security programs when the disease risk is high • DEFRA approved - diseases of Poultry order 1:125 & general orders at 1:50 • Suitable for use in a variety of sectors and particularly useful in the poultry sector • Contains a blend of

Rolls Royce or Lacklustre?

  Rolls Royce or Lacklustre?  5th May 2021  | By Anna Armstrong   |  Cleaning Tips ,  Coronovirus ,  Environmental Health ,  Hygiene Gyms and fitness centres attract people from all walks of life, and making close physical contact with the gym equipment is the name of the game right?  That is potentially why these centres have been delayed in reopening, and also why it is so very important to get the sanitisation of the centres 100% right. The staff, the personal trainers, the centre staff, the pool attendants all work in varied environments, going to public halls, conducting outdoor boot camps, doing 1:1 sessions in peoples’ houses; this means they are moving around differing environments, and have the potential to touch many shared surfaces. Support has been given in several research studies that gyms contain high amounts of germs, bacteria and viruses (Markley et al., 2012; Mukherjee et al., 2014).  Before COVID I would regularly go in to gyms and fitness centres and privately scoff