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From a customers point of view there is nothing more unappealing that going into a facility that needs more than a little maintenence. From overflowing sinks and toilets, to toilets that reek of urine due to a build up of uric acid, to damp walls and puddles one definately shouldn't be stepping in! 

Winter actually magnifies the likelyhood of your drains becoming blocked, as typically your pipes become colder, meaning that kitchen oil and fat, and even body fat which will collect in your pipes solidify and block drains (bet you didn't know that)!

So lets talk about each blockage and what you would use to ensure your water is free flowing. In your bathroom, showers and communal showers, sometimes; particluarly if your showers aren't maintained you will see a pink residue gathering between the tiles, and where the water actually falls (again in badly maintained showers) if you rub your foot along this area it will feel greasy - that is body fat.  So you are effectively washing the body fat off your body, it is made up  of a chain of amino acids meaning its very sticky, and it sticks to everything.  Your shower tray, the inside of your drains, pipes and tiles, ergo blocking your drains eventually.  So what do the professionals use then?  Clean Fast is a washroom cleaner that has a great forumalation that not only cuts through the body fat and removes it, but also is bactericidal so it will kill the bacteria that is lurking in there too.  Clean Fast will remove this body fat from the tiles, shower tray and exposed areas leaving just the drains to be tackled by drain cleaner.  

As for the drains, there are a few approaches you can take to get rid of the body fat.  Because it is made up of a simple chain of amino acids, you could either use a Biological Drain Solution which will introudce enzymes into the drain, and these enzymes are micro-organisms that will effectively feed on and eat away at the body fat reserves sitting in your drains. This approach is Eco-Friendly and is absolutely not harmful to the environment.  The only caveat with using a Biological Drain Solution is that it takes time and patience.  You need to feed your drains regularly with the Biological Drain Solution to continually reintroduce enzymes, so that the digestion process is not compromised. 

Alternative approaches to clearing your drains of body fat, would be something that is high in acid so that it effectively burns its way through and clears your drains by force effectively.  If you wanted to go down this route you'd need to use Caustic Plant, Drain and Oven Cleaner which is effectively a highly concentrated acid formulation that is capable of cleanig your oven.  Please do make sure that you follow the instructions so as to not corrode through any pipes or drains, and health and safety is important when using Caustic Plant, Drain and Oven Cleaner because it is very high in acid and will cause harm if not used properly. 

Caustic Plant, Drain and Oven Cleaner will actually clear fat and grease out of your drains and pipes in commercial kitchens. Although we do advocate a timed dose system in larger commercial kitchens.  

Another very important drain that you don't want to have blocked or 'backed up' is your urinal. When the urinals are being used, amino acids are being introduced to your drains via the urine. Being a protein these amino acids are very sticky, and they stick to the inside of your drain, and over time this build up can lead to your drains becoming so cacked in the uric acid build up that the drain actually starts to narrow. 

To rid the drains of this uric acid, we recommend Bio Blocks. These bio-blocks effectively eat through the uric acid build up, it will take some time, and it will be dependent on how much of a build up you have, but if you stick with it, use the Blu Away on your tiles and floors, and keep using the Bio Blocks, your bathrooms will not be smelly and the smell of urine will not meet you at the door! 

As the Bio Blocks are effectively working on getting rid of the uric acid, and in turn the smell, there is no need to be flushing your urinals continually through out the day, meaning there is a saving to be had in terms of your water costs. 

These urinal blocks contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made. Constant flushing of urinals means a big water bill.  We recommend a typical urinal system need only be flushed about three times per day when using Bio Blocks which is a massive saving in terms of cost and in terms of water consumption. Bio Blocks are also compatible for use with waterless urinal systems, a typical urinal need only be flushed about three times each day when using Bio Blocks.

Bio Blocks do not contain carcinogenic PDCB or other harmful or dangerous chemicals and are particularly suitable for use in public buildings such as hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as schools and institutions where care should be taken to protect people and the environment. Use in conjunction with Blu-Away to maintain and odour-free washroom environment.

Blu-Away may also be used to clean and maintain washroom fittings including urinals, toilet bowls, showers and hand-basins. Like Bio BlocksBlu-Away contains bacteria that degrade calcium, enabling it to be dissolved and removed by cold-water. This takes a couple of applications but unlike some aggressive chemical cleaners, it does not damage chrome and aluminium fittings. Blu-Away may also be used for supplementing the Bio Block activity and just by cleaning the urinal once or twice each day will accomplish this.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, just call our HQ and one of our helpful team will be happy to help! 


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