What is PPE – Things you need to know


What is PPE – Things you need to know

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE has become crucial over the last few years due to COVID-19, to the point where it is now used daily by almost everyone across the world, including myself. Protective equipment such as face coverings, gloves and gowns are now vital to people’s lives, even more than they were before the virus. In some workplaces across the world, it is a legal requirement to wear PPE. However, yes, it may save hundreds of thousands of lives; but some choose to ignore this out of personal choice – but why? Do people really understand how important PPE is?


There are many different types of PPE but the term usually relates to clothing, headwear, or eyewear that has been specifically made to protect an individual who may face a health risk or danger in a workplace. Wearing PPE should be a number one priority at work to prevent any injuries, or emergencies that could occur. There are certain regulations in place to help control how employers and employees should use the correct protective equipment.


Here are 5 main things you need to know about PPE to assure your employees are the safest they can be when in their workplace:

  1. Understanding PPE and its importance

Although PPE is an important part of any hazardous workplace, it is important that employees be provided with the right information, so as well as being fitted with the equipment; they know what to do with it and why they will be using it to keep them safe.

  1. Responsibilities of Employers

Employers are responsible for providing, replacing and paying for the equipment that is needed; employees should not be asked to contribute to any of this. Employers should make sure their employees are comfortable wearing PPE; this will encourage them to wear items correctly.

  1. Responsibilities of Employees

Employers are responsible for providing the protective equipment however; it is the employee’s main responsibility to ensure their safety and the safety or others in the workplace. PPE must be worn in obedience with the safety guidelines provided and should be returned to the correct place after being used.

  1. Maintaining PPE

Keeping PPE in good condition is extremely important; to extend the life of the protective equipment, it should be stored correctly when it is not being used. Making sure you keep on top of cleaning your PPE after each use is vital. Employees must report any issues or faults with their PPE as it can be lifesaving and is crucial.

  1. Safe system of work

Every workplace must be assessed through approved risk assessments to make sure they have the highest health and safety regulations in place to minimise the risk of occupational hazards. PPE should be used as part of a safe system of work that all staff members use on a daily basis.


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