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We often forget who we clean our homes for. For me it's not for the visitors who come across my door, it is for my family; and of course for myself. I'm easily annoyed by mess, and I find it harder to have clear and ordered thoughts in a very messy environment. 

I find in an uncluttered environment, my thoughts flow more easily, and inspiration comes more readily than in an unordered environment. I find too much stimuli just clouds my ability to think and to compose my thoughts. 

So which are the most dirty areas of your home....Lets talk dirty! 

1. Dirt on the top of the cupboards........

This may sound like the last place you would look... but have you had a look on the top of your cupboards? How much dust is up there, and are there any insect corpses or anything undesirable up there?  If you have your windows open, you do know that some of that ancient old dust is going to lift with the wind and start blowing all over your house? 

To get the dust up, just fill a basin with some warm water and put some dish soap in there for good measure. The dish soap will cut through any greasy deposits that have been left by frying food, and just wipe it down. 

2. Dirty Baths......

There's nothing more luxurious than running a nice warm bath, putting some nice bubbles in, and a nice smell and getting in .....right? As long as it is clean! Baths are notorious for soaking the body fat deposits off your skin, and as body fat is made up with amino acids, it is inherently sticky! Body fat actually sticks to the sides of your bath, and because the molecules are sticky, they stick to all the dirt and then stick to the side. The best product to keep on top of this is Cleanfast Washroom Cleaner because it bursts through the body fat, and disinfects to a high standard (BS EN 1276) leaving your bath not only free from scale, body fat and also germs! 

3. Close the lid....

If you have read any of my blogs... you would know to close the lid on your toilet when you flush.  The bacteria that is in there whooshes out when the toilet is flushed, and lands on toothbrushes, soaps, razors etc. 

If you shut the toilet lid, you keep the bacteria in..... where it belongs.

4. Bacteria with your toothbrush....

Not many people are aware of this, but the bacteria on your tooth brush cup is astounding. 

Whether there is water in it, or not, it is an absolute haven for bacteria multiplication. 

I keep water in my cup, and turn the toothbrushes upside down so that the head is submerged. Every few days I empty the water out, and pop in a denture cleaning tablet, which will disinfect the water and in turn sterilise your toothbrush ready for next time! 

5. Nasty Remote Controls

Ever thought about the many hands that touch your remote control? Any kids who are constantly picking their noses, sticking their hands in their mouths and scratching their bums? Never mind the people that neglect to wash their hands after using the toilet? The amount of bacteria that is being transferred is not negligible, and will duplicate every few hours. Imagine picking up an item absolutely crawling with tiny insects.... that is effectively what a uncleansed and un-sanitised remote control is. 

I recommend you use these Orca Hand and Surface Wipes to simply wipe down your remote control, and to keep those germs in check. 

6. Horrible Kitchen Sink....

My kitchen sink is one of the hardest working sinks in my house.... despite the fact I have a dishwasher! 

With all of the action it sees from juice being swilled down the plug hole to bit of old food being washed down as well, it is an area I clean at least once a day. 

I do two things to my kitchen sink, the first is to pour a little Drain Unblocker down it before bed at night. This is to be done when everyone has gone upstairs (if at all possible to avoid anyone running water down the sink), so that the unblocker can have time to work. 

Before I go away to work, after everyone has had their breakfast, I wash the sink and the draining board down with a cloth, and then sanitise the area using a Cleaner Sanitiser, just spray it on and leave it there. It doesn't streak, but just leaves everything really shiny. 

7. Messy and Dirty Fridges

Spilt drinks, forgotten snacks and sloshes of milk mean your fridge could be a breeding ground for bactiera. 

Who hasn't had a mould old bit of cheese in the fridge once upon a time? 

I use hot water, and spray everything down with Cleaner Sanitiser.

Every once in a while I'll remove all shelves, drawers etc and run it through a hot cycle in the dishwasher. 

Brilliant results every time!

Unless you use the automatic taps that turn on when you put your hands underneath, all of the contamination that is on your hands will spread to the tap and sit there until it is cleaned. The bacteria will spread to the kids hands when they are brushing their teeth, so I find it best to wipe down the sink very often with Cleanfast, which not only easily lifts staining & water marks but also lifts body fat and importantly kills germs. 


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